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Monday, December 3, 2012

Yes People Make Money on YouTube, I Do

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One element of a perfect Passive Income Stream is when you are earning money from something you’d do anyway for nothing because it’s your hobby. I’ve been uploading little videos to YouTube since 2006 of local events and historical sites, anything that took my fancy really however it wasn’t until one of these video started to get a lot of traffic that I got an email announcing that I was now a YouTube Partner and could enable Adsense on my videos should I wish. Well I did wish it, however for many months I was disappointed by my earnings just a few cents every other day. All the same and for once I pressed ahead kept filming videos kept posting them on YouTube, slowly got an idea of what drew traffic, slowly started to increase my earnings. Now a second vital element of a perfect Passive Income Stream is that it grows organically and that is true for my videos.


YouTube doesn’t seem to get the publicity of Twitter or Facebook and yet its traffic is ever increasing. A few years ago a video of a Skateboarder crashing into a fence could be number one on video with a few tens of thousands of views in a few weeks time Gangnam Style will be the first video will be the first to reach ONE BILLION views. So you can see YouTube is a growing market which like an incoming tide can float every boat, make sure one of those boats is yours!

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