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Passive Income Streams Which Actually Make Me Money

I only list here Passive Income Streams which have consistently paid me money

SQUIDOO Well my most reliable Passive Income Streams (PIS) is once again Squidoo which will earn me $40 this month with my best Squidoo Lens being which has sold $50 worth of toys. Squidoo is really a no-brainer as it never costs you anything is easy for beginners and yet satisfies the expert. Write a lens (web page) about your favorite film, book, pet, vacation , hobby or sport you name it. A simple lens can be created in 20 minutes or so, you just have to try it join Squidoo here

PTC There are many fly-by-night Pay to Click websites so I’m only absolutely sure about two Neobux and Clixsense that have stood the test of time. PTC is a very slow way BUT definite way to make it starts to become interesting when you get your own referrals.

Action Enforcer I can only promote with any enthusiasm products that I really believe in and I’ve found one in Action Enforcer which is a simple program which helps you GET THINGS DONE especially things you don’t like doing.