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Should you attempt to make money with something you are passionate about or should you stick to an Internet Marketing Evergreen niche?

Well The Internet Gurus are divided on this issue. Many or most advise that there’s no point in trying to succeed if you’re in niche where there’s no money. On the other hand I’ve found it hard to work on a blog long enough to make money if I wasn’t very enthusiastic about the subject. My website with the most traffic is still one that I regard as a hobby, indeed it didn’t even occur to me to monetize it for a long time but I have now put Adsense on it and it’s become one of my irregular passive income streams. However one of the websites I bought and have always rather neglected consistently earns me the most money and yet because I have no enthusiasm or passion for the niche I always have to force myself to keep it updated and sadly often don’t!.

So I guess a compromise approach is best you should do your keyword research and find out the commercial viability of your projected niche, if it will attract high value Adsense adverts, or is there are relevant affiliate products on Clickbank, Commission Junction or ShareaSale. If your passion is for Victorian shoelaces you’ve got to face up to the fact that you will never earn very much.

So what are the Evergreen Niches? well Health, Beauty, Relationships, Pet Care, How to make money often summarized as Health, Wealth and Love you might fear that these sectors are already saturated well they are but the demand here is so great and the commerciality is so great there is always room for one site more. People are also always using the Internet for solutions to problems for product reviews , which is the best flat screen TV, restaurant discount vouchers etc. So even starting today you can carve a micro niche in one of these sectors. But remember you have to be in this for the long haul so make sure that something about the niche is interesting enough to you so that you can sustain your effort over that time!

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Create a local shops and businesses website for your area or small town.  Take photos of each business then put up a page for each one with address, description and contact details. Place Adsense on each page and adverts and links from other revenue schemes.  Create the website using WordPress. No need to rush but keep adding pages. Take trouble to choose a relevant domain name eg etc. You won’t earn a fortune but it will be a steady earner. Don’t think of this as a build and forget you must keep the site fresh. There is a chance that local firms will buy advertising or sponsor you or even better buy you out. You will have competition from syndicated “local” sites which use scraped content and sophisticated SEO and back-linking to get on the first page of Google however you should exploit your genuine local knowledge to get your share of the traffic. You can hints such as easy parking , handy for people going to the sports center etc.

So there you are all you need is a reasonably good camera and to spend a few dollars on a domain and web hosting

Normally when people start a business they not only lose their salary they often using their savings to get started. So in the worst case they are initially losing money, they are may be doing well if they break even and are certainly doing very well if they are making a profit which equates to their former salary.


So why is it so difficult to replace what you would be earning in a job why do so many businesses operate with the owner not drawing a full salary? This may be obvious if the business is not attracting enough customers, but not if the owner is working flat out. This may be because the owner has not written a good enough business plan. If you cannot write a business plan for your future business it means you don’t understand what you are going to do, having no business plan is usually fatal.


The business plan defines what the income and profit levels of the business should be if all goes well. So for instance I can produce a maximum of 10 tables a week and if I sell them all that will earn me x dollars I will have y dollars costs leaving me with z dollars profit. So even before his business he must ask himself if this is enough? can he and his family live on it can he justify all the risks he is taking? A business has to make enough money to pay good salaries and to ‘easily’ survive a few hard knocks, bad debts, unexpected tax bill, a hike in the rent etc.


So how can we earn multiples of our former salary? Well there has to be some leverage somewhere, can I buy a machine which will allow me to a hundred tables a week? Can I outsource the difficult time consuming parts and concentrate on marketing and sales?


Many are therefore attracted by operating virtual businesses on the Internet especially affiliate marketing where you need no premises, no stock, deal with no customers but can you really make a living from it? I think yes it is possible but you need ruthless focus to really hunt out excellent affiliate products to promote that are not already heavily promoted by others you then need to be utterly professional in how you promote them yourself. If you get it right however the possibilities are infinite and of course on the Internet the more successful you are the more Google will send you traffic the difficulty is getting the ball rolling in the first place in rising out of the mass of also rans.


If you are planning to quit your job and start a business you must be fully aware of the risks to your financial security, you must create a sound business plan, discuss your idea with as many knowledgeable people as possible, finally you must be aware of how few make it the the other side of that great gulf called “replacing your salary with income from a business”.

So have I tried to put you starting a business?  yes and no  but I have tried to make you aware of the bumpy road and difficulties. Of course if you get it right you win the glittering prizes of fulfillment, satisfaction and an income much higher than you could earn in employment!


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Historically women have worked from home , i.e. have been their own bosses. Men usually worked or hunted in groups where they had to obey orders.
Women also have more experience of multi-tasking, time scheduling, working to long term goals, working without a structure with no fixed hours. These are all qualities required to run a small business.


Women don’t mind asking for help, whereas many men of us men are too proud and try and do everything themselves.

Men traditionally went out hunting if they killed one big beast a month they were a hero, women had the boring, tedious and meticulous jobs preparing vegetables, gathering berries, sewing clothes. Lots of the activities required for starting your own business are tedious and repetitive.


A final crucial advantage is that women are used to operating in negative situations, ie where people disapprove of their actions or aspirations, a situation many start-up business people find themselves in. Men who have left a secure job where everyone admired them to start their own business find this especially difficult.


So parents if you want your sons to do as well as your daughters get them to start peeling carrots and shelling peas, and I mean it!


What do you think?

It’s great to get in on the Next Big Thing on the ground floor to be an early adopter, sadly I missed the boat on eBay and Squidoo.

Here is my first effort Constant and Never ending Improvement

I had some spare time last week so I put Adsense on two small image galleries that I’ve had for years (so why did I not do this before?) and I’ve had one click on each so far each worth about a dollar. I also got a message from YouTube authorizing me to enable Adsense on the 30 or so touristic videos I have, there have been no clicks at all on these but I guess some day there will be.

So I’ve created three new if tiny Passive Income Streams for a few hours of effort including fixing one of the galleries which was broken so let’s be optimistic and say that I will earn two dollars a week every week for the foreseeable future. That’s what Passive Income Streams are all about and I know I have to keep creating more of them never looking back. If I keep creating them one day I’ll make a breakthrough a Passive Income Stream that really hits the pay dirt but for now I have to settle for a dollar a week streams. I do wish Long Tail marketing wasn’t so long!

Her hat is currently up for sale on eBay and with 8 days to go is already bidded up to $11,000.

It has its own Facebook Page and is officially an Internet Meme

Read more here about Princess Beatrice’s Outrageous Fascinator Hat

I’ve promised myself that this year I have to breakout I have to make it big, have to justify all the time I spend on my websites, blogs and Squidoo lens. So I decided to return to school I mean SEO School so I’ve reading everything I can on SEO. Finally however I realised that that even brilliant SEO cannot save a website that is selling a product few want or is in a hopelessly competitive sector. That’s why I’ve realized that Keyword Research is the greatest skill. Keyword Research is the art of discovering what keywords  people with buying intent are entering into the search engines and finding niches that have relatively low competition. In the ideal situation you discover an under-exploited niche with few competitive websites and even those that exist are are poorly optimized (this is where SEO comes in useful). So I’m now going back to school again but this time it’s Keyword Research School. Click 101 Keyword Research Tips to learn more.

It is Keyword Research which stops you building websites which are the equivalent of opening an Umbrella Store in Death Valley or a Ice Factory in Alaska. Not doing Keyword Research is like a Gold Prospector not studying geology.



Try out this Squidoo Progress Checker and have a little fun at the same time!

My recent post on Anti Jokes brought me more traffic than my dozen previous articles put together, which is a bit sickening actually as I’ve put so much effort in so many worthy blog postings without getting the same results. That has however made me even more determined to return to school and I mean SEO school . Creating blogs and websites based on hunches and “Wow wouldn’t that be a good idea” without doing thorough SEO and Keyword Research without verifying that people are actually searching for it, without checking that there is a hungry market is just madness, like building a house without checking if it’s in a flood area or opening a store in a street with few passerbys.


I want to make it big, I want to make a breakthrough, I want to give up my day job, I’ve got to understand Keyword research and SEO and only invest my precious time and energy in projects that have a fighting chance. I have to understand SEO like Roger Federer understands Tennis, Michael Jordan plays ball. My first step has been to create 101 SEO Tips.


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