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Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Passive Income Strategy for 2012 is Concentration

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One of my blogs now earns more Adsense than all my other sites put together, so really that should get most of my effort. I have a 16th Payment from one advertisement publisher and a 22nd payment from another so I do earn money from my blogs.

The ever popular 77 ways to make a $100 a day still sells well without much effort from me. Also my Squidoo earnings grow nicely each month, but I’m giving up on some of my fringe activities such as PTC not because these don’t earn money but because they aren’t really passive earning streams in the sense that I exchange time for money. Time is my most precious and scarce resource I must only spend it on activities that have the possibility of earning me multiple times for for one piece of effort, i.e creating money pipelines.

One of my new pipelines is putting videos of local tourist sites on YouTube this has the advantage of combining two of my hobbies photography and making money. My most viewed video has 3000 views which is not great but who knows when one might go viral. I’ve been disappointed with earnings so far are not in a very commercial sector but if in fact it turns out to be a growing income for the rest of my life well it will be worth it.

That’s the tough part about many passive income streams they start off so slowly, it takes a lot of patience and faith to keep going!

1 Response to My Passive Income Strategy for 2012 is Concentration

Chris | Sminso

March 4th, 2012 at 1:22 pm

Hang in there! I have done a lot with advertising videos on YouTube! If you do get one that goes viral watch the sales come in. 3,000 views on one video is nothing to sneeze at either. Good luck in your goals.


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