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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Does anyone Make Money with YouTube?

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I’ve been focussing a lot on YouTube recently mainly because it’s fun and I like filming things however I am keen as usual to make money and create another Passive Income Stream. My first experience with YouTube were rather miserable very few seemed to click and I was only making cents, however I kept on uploading videos. My niche is local tourist spots , I’m often the only one to have put the spots on YouTube, of course these aren’t very commercial subjects and they only get modest hits. I have tried to counter this by videoing popular local businesses as these have much better keywords. However my best performing video is one of Bun Throwing for the Royal Jubilee and this earned decent money because for one I think it drew people that don’t normally go on the YoueTube and are thus more likely to click the Adverts; regular Youtubers tend to ignore them.

I now have 90 videos on YouTube but as is usual on the Internet just 3 or 4 of them get 90% of my traffic and 90% of my income. Of course what you are hoping for is that one day of your videos will go viral, that’s my dream. Remember the “Charlie Bit my Finger” video earns thousands of pounds for its owner!

So the answer is yes but once again you have to work on it, keep going and most of be innovative!

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