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My recent post on Anti Jokes brought me more traffic than my dozen previous articles put together, which is a bit sickening actually as I’ve put so much effort in so many worthy blog postings without getting the same results. That has however made me even more determined to return to school and I mean […]

If Google Was Your Mommy and you weren’t an SEO Expert you’d likely starve to death

I’m still stunned to realize that my Under-Achiever sites earn nearly as much as my blood-sweat-and-tears sites and that “dull” obvious commercial sites like weight-loss, mortgages, will still easily outperform worthy sites. Under-Achiever sites are those that you build and forget. The best earning sites are strictly commercial; Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Find a Partner, […]

I was in an Internet cafe in Essaouira when I noticed a PayPal payment to me for $9.95  and I didn’t know why I’d received it. It turned out it was the first of many commissions from  Dennis Becker, famous as the 5 Buck Guy has written a  report called  “77 Ways to 100“. Which […]

It’s been rumored that the time spent metric is one of the most important indicators used by Google in determining the rank of your site. It’s supposed to be a complex calculation in which many parameters, weights and indices are taken into consideration. However, we don’t know the exact math for this indicator, in fact, […]


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