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Well I know of one by bitter experience it is anything “Computer Technical Advice” , why? well it’s because the big players like , Expert Exchange and a dozen others soak up all the traffic these sites are continuously populated by their users, furthermore I don’t get the impression that the advertising for this sector is […]

I’ve been focussing a lot on YouTube recently mainly because it’s fun and I like filming things however I am keen as usual to make money and create another Passive Income Stream. My first experience with YouTube were rather miserable very few seemed to click and I was only making cents, however I kept on […]

Create a local shops and businesses website for your area or small town.  Take photos of each business then put up a page for each one with address, description and contact details. Place Adsense on each page and adverts and links from other revenue schemes.  Create the website using WordPress. No need to rush but keep […]

I was in an Internet cafe in Essaouira when I noticed a PayPal payment to me for $9.95  and I didn’t know why I’d received it. It turned out it was the first of many commissions from  Dennis Becker, famous as the 5 Buck Guy has written a  report called  “77 Ways to 100“. Which […]

I noticed from my stats that my two Xmas sites were getting traffic build-up quite early in the season, so ever since then I’ve been feeding them with updates and the traffics kept building. Now in previous years I’ve built a seasonal site but the time I’ve got it perfected I’ve missed the boat. This […]

Well first thing nobody will sell you a good niche because if they knew one they would keep real quiet about it! You are having difficulty buying an item: so you think “So must other people” You listen to people on the bus or in the coffee shop complaining they can’t get a product or […]


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