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Historically women have worked from home , i.e. have been their own bosses. Men usually worked or hunted in groups where they had to obey orders. Women also have more experience of multi-tasking, time scheduling, working to long term goals, working without a structure with no fixed hours. These are all qualities required to run […]

Last Autumn I achieved one of my goals when I earned $50,000 total on the Internet, now this is total sales not profit and has taken 3 years. It includes my eBay and Amazon sales as well, only a proportion of it is pure Internet Marketing Income ie affiliate sales or selling my own digital […]

I’ve just made a commission from a website which has only ever had 8 visits and I may have been half of those, that’s really Long Tail; of course I’m still waiting for sales from some of my other websites which have had tons of traffic.  But that’s Internet Marketing there’s no logic or justice […]

One of my Success M ilestones was that I should make a sale or earn an affiliate fee every day. Well in October 2009 I finally managed this and had an exciting flurry of sales during the third week. What was nice was that I earned income from 12 separate income streams including one that […]

Bloggers trying to make a living online have to “Pay it Forward” that means they have to blog away creating postings never knowing whether what they are doing will ever earn them any money. Having no boss they have to find even more motivation than normal salaried workers, it is too easy for them to fritter their time away trawling the net “researching”.


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