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Well I know of one by bitter experience it is anything “Computer Technical Advice” , why? well it’s because the big players like , Expert Exchange and a dozen others soak up all the traffic these sites are continuously populated by their users, furthermore I don’t get the impression that the advertising for this sector is […]

Should you attempt to make money with something you are passionate about or should you stick to an Internet Marketing Evergreen niche? Well The Internet Gurus are divided on this issue. Many or most advise that there’s no point in trying to succeed if you’re in niche where there’s no money. On the other hand […]

Create a local shops and businesses website for your area or small town.  Take photos of each business then put up a page for each one with address, description and contact details. Place Adsense on each page and adverts and links from other revenue schemes.  Create the website using WordPress. No need to rush but keep […]

Anti-jokes, Knock-Knock Jokes and A Man Walks Into a Bar the good old ones are still the best. I found I could amuse friends and colleagues so I started learning a few more and while I was at it I created a few Squidoo Lenses with no commercial intent. As luck would have it the […]

Download 101 SuperTips absolutely free click here . Discover The Internet Marketing Secrets Of Mr SuperTips Attention newbies: discover the very best way to learn Internet Marketing – and it’s free (Tip 1) Affiliates beware – here’s 5 ways you are losing commission (Tip 4) Forget banners and text links – this is the number […]

Last Autumn I achieved one of my goals when I earned $50,000 total on the Internet, now this is total sales not profit and has taken 3 years. It includes my eBay and Amazon sales as well, only a proportion of it is pure Internet Marketing Income ie affiliate sales or selling my own digital […]

If Google Was Your Mommy and you weren’t an SEO Expert you’d likely starve to death

I’m still stunned to realize that my Under-Achiever sites earn nearly as much as my blood-sweat-and-tears sites and that “dull” obvious commercial sites like weight-loss, mortgages, will still easily outperform worthy sites. Under-Achiever sites are those that you build and forget. The best earning sites are strictly commercial; Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Find a Partner, […]

Well this happened to me this week, a couple of pints with a friend, then dined at Smart’s Fish and Chip shop; boy do I know how to live it up. Anyway got back and logged onto the Internet and found I’d sold a book I’d got free when the Bristol Bookbarn went bankrupt a […]

Internet Marketing is full of wild claims about how much money can be made but I’ve found it much tougher and it’s taken me much longer. For instance I make a little money from Adsense from to 0 to $5 a day. I earn commission from Amazon about 7 items a month – Nothing too […]


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