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Download 101 SuperTips absolutely free click here . Discover The Internet Marketing Secrets Of Mr SuperTips Attention newbies: discover the very best way to learn Internet Marketing – and it’s free (Tip 1) Affiliates beware – here’s 5 ways you are losing commission (Tip 4) Forget banners and text links – this is the number […]

If Google Was Your Mommy and you weren’t an SEO Expert you’d likely starve to death

I’m still stunned to realize that my Under-Achiever sites earn nearly as much as my blood-sweat-and-tears sites and that “dull” obvious commercial sites like weight-loss, mortgages, will still easily outperform worthy sites. Under-Achiever sites are those that you build and forget. The best earning sites are strictly commercial; Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Find a Partner, […]

Dr Oz’s TV Show in America featured the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Pipe Inhaler recently causing a burst of traffic to my lens, this seems to have died down now but was great while it lasted . An important part of Internet Marketing is piggy-backing news and events in the world by creating corresponding […]

Having created over 50 Lens on Squidoo I ‘m starting to get a feel of how to succeed and make a little money. Once again it’s the opposite of what you think, you have to create lens that genuinely interest you, provide information that you wish to share, you cannot fool Squidoo or Google for […]

London Lunches for Internet Marketers organized by Martin Avis seem to be the de-facto best domain name website company. They are cheap and provide a control panel which allows you redirect your domain names whenever you want. So I use Namecheap for domains and HostGator for my webspace. You might ask why keep them separate, well it just gives you more control.

In 2005 I attended a Frank Garon seminar on Internet Marketing and was bowled over by the possibility of selling information products on the Internet that required no warehouse space, no inventory, no delivery costs, boy did I want some of that. Well 4 years later I am finally getting somewhere I nearly make an […]

Are you on the left of this diagram or the right? Curiously the diagram (by Frank Kern)  above echos my own recent experience, in the last few days I’ve got commission for selling a Salt Pipe from an old blog posting on my Aloe Vera Blog . My Squidoo lens Barbie Versus Bratz sold indirectly […]

Martin is both a friend and Mentor I joined Martin Avis’s KickStartYourLife mailing list in May 2004 very near the stat of my own Internet Marketing journey. To quote Martin “Well here we are then – 1000 issues of Kickstart! I really don’t know where all those years have gone to, or where all the […]


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