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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Are There Hopeless Niches for Internet Marketing?

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Well I know of one by bitter experience it is anything “Computer Technical Advice” , why? well it’s because the big players like , Expert Exchange and a dozen others soak up all the traffic these sites are continuously populated by their users, furthermore I don’t get the impression that the¬†advertising for this sector¬†is very lucrative as too much of the traffic is looking for free advice. Although I’ve never tested it I am sure the Travel and Hotels sectors would also be way too competitive .


So this is always the zillion dollar question what niches are best well the Ever Green niches remain the best.


First the Rules!

1) Find An Audience

2) Find The Problems They Are Having

3) Find Products With Solutions To Those Problems

4) Introduce The Products To Your Audience

So what are the Evergreen Niches


1 Make Money Online

2 Dating (but too competitive?)

3 Dog Training (Boy is this evergreen)

4 Musculation

5 Marital : Save my Marriage (Imagine how desperate these people are to find a solution

6 Make your Own Energy (surprising one, but sells well on Clickbank)

7 Health


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