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Download a Free “101 ‘Must Have’ RECESSION-BUSTING Hints & Tips” eBook here .¬† This is my special XMAS gift to you. Download this free eBook and find out how you can even earn money from it. The eBook is full of resources and ideas, of course you don’t need 101 tips you may just need […]

I love to learn new words and came across Ontology¬† but the definition nearly blew my brains out namely: Ontology: the branch of metaphysics that studies the nature of existence or being as such phew! . In fact I needed the definition for its use in SEO this is somewhat different Ontology : (computer science) […]

I decided 2 years ago that the only sure way of securing my family’s financial future was to generate as many passive income streams from the Internet as possible. I wanted to find a way to earn money that was independent of my location, my age, the economy , didn’t require investment or stock. The […]

“The one rule that sums up the job to be done, the one formula that is fully in harmony with the real world, the secret of success is: Find out what people want and help them get it! “This is the way you separate yourself from the mass of people who just ‘get by.’ This […]

Keyword research is like a job interview process In order to find the right candidate you may need to interview hundreds of applicants to find the perfect fit for the job. Well, the keyword research process is very similar; you have to cast a wide net first to capture all the possible combinations of keywords […]

Everyone wants more ideas, business ideas, ideas for new Squidoo lens, ideas for parties, ideas for new lyrics, plots for books, money making ideas, artistic ideas, ideas for recipes the list goes on. Are you just one idea away from success? Click the Link below to find out how to generate your brilliant idea below! […]


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