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Archive for October, 2008

LISTEN! That’s all you have to do. Listen to your children, other people’s children you will hear what’s in fashion what’s cool. Listen to businessmen explaining what they’d do if they weren’t doing their current business or listen to them complaining how they can’t anyone to supply them with a certain product or service. These […]

I’ve really been pushing Squidoo recently updating old lens and creating new ones, there is so much to learn. It’s important to carefully select any Amazon products that you may advertise, it’s important to advertise just a few so that people don’t get product weary (say 3 items), I know have 3 or 4 Amazon […]

Just sold my old phone on for £14 best thing it was very simple. Am selling my old old Classical CDs which sadly I no longer listen to at . The CD has to be one in their database I’m getting about a quid a CD and it is recognising about 50% of […]

Keep blogging away writing from the heart, your experience, your mistakes and eventually people will Google into your stuff. Seth Godin’s (father of Squidoo) secret is unique, useful, updated content. So this week I’ve followed my intutition and created 3 lens which show just how messed up my imagination is:- I have […]

These Typical Headlines from the Swipe Files have stood and will stand the test of time, don’t be predjudiced by the fact that as a marketer you may have become resistant to the them:- Top 3 Reasons Why… Do You Struggle With… Winning Tactics For… Discover… The Untold Secrets To Making… Who Else Wants To… […]

Dropshipping sounds really cool, you just advertise a product and when it sells pass on the order details to your Dropshipping Warehouse, they fulfill the order and mail it directly to your customer. You hold no stock, don’t have to worry about posting and packaging, so what can go wrong? Well it requires your Dropshipper […]

I think this is a great idea, make your own Clickbank Adverts of any size Click this link to learn more (video)

Reciprocity: If you socially bookmark, recommend or link other people’s sites, it is likely that they will eventually check their backlinks and then visit you, and possibly backlink you Check How People find your website: Found one of my sites was getting organic traffic, then found out what search phrases people were using, and made […]


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