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Archive for September, 2008

List compiled by 151 SEO Tools – A lot and very nice collection of seo tools, most of them are free. SEO Surf – FREE software can change the way you surf the net, optimize your websites for search engines, manage link exchanges and promote your website for more visitors and traffic. All that […]

It’s hard to keep up with the Internet and Internet Marketing in particular so I’ve created an Internet Marketing Glossary curiously my old Internet Glossary is number one in Google for its Target Keyword Phrase see Also would recommend who have created the easiest way to create and publish a real website that […]

Squidoo is Web 2.0 Application which allow non-technical people to create web pages called “Lens” . For Internet Marketers Squidoo is also a sensational way of earning a few dollars and generating traffic for your websites. A basic Squidoo Lens can be created literally be created in 30 minutes or so is also great fun […]

You can be sure that whatever else crashes it won’t be Internet Marketing. All those unfortunates that have or will lose their jobs will sooner or later be sitting down at their PC and typing into Google “How to make money on the Net” or something like that. Those of us who have been blogging, […]

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Say you have an item that cost you a $100 last year but you’ve never used it and probably never will. Then you sell it on eBay and get $50. So have you earned $50 or lost $50? I say you’ve earned $50 . Your original $100 disappeared ages ago. Now that may appear obvious […]


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