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Archive for July, 2008

Been documenting all my Internet Marketing sites I have than I thought I had at Also been documenting (actually storing in a MySQL database) all my Affiliate Links . The important point of this it will make it easier to stuff my postings with links to my sites and affiliate products; remember every cross- […]

Earn $5 for everyone you sign up, what can be better than that?

This is what has actually earned me money this week: $40 Affiliation Fee A flurry of sales $50 Other than that my Adsense income is slowly building and I had a batch of sales of some of my dollar eBooks. Have continued to build my mini-empire of websites by launching a […]

I came across RevResponse while Entrecarding they are free and simple to join, bloggers can earn money by giving free things away sound’s good? Well have a look for yourself by clicking here . But, What is RevResponse and what does it offers? RevResponse is a new B2B Performance Based Publisher Network operated by NetLine […]

I’m so mad with myself I bought a new SIM-Only Card for my mobile phone yesterday, and didn’t get the best cashback. This was because I misspelt Vodafone as Vodaphone. So when I looked at my favorite Cashback website I couldn’t find any cashback offer, so I went to my other favorite cashback site and […]

With the current economic uncertainty it is becoming even more urgent to earn a significent proportion of my income online. I’ve made about $12,000 dollars so far this year but that’s mostly selling second hand books on Amazon, it’s also turnover not profit. What’s frustrating about my pure-play Internet marketing is that it is so […]


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