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Archive for May, 2008

Hey I would have loved to have gone to a millionaire’s prep school but they just didn’t exist. Well they do now just click the banner below! started off as a brand new blog (my first on WordPress) last January so I’m pleased that after just a few months  (May 2008) I’ve got Google Page Rank PR2. It probably helped that I have two other sites with PR  Page Rank 4  Page Rank 3 Yes Page Rank still counts […]

Hi This is very big on the Net today and is your last chance to see the Andy Shaw Free Property Videos here I sign up to everything Free and here is a Free Clickbank website get one for yourself by clicking here! Now Paid Search is going to be the NEXT BIG THING , […]

When I first started doing Internet Marketing a bought a little eBook website off John Thornhill (PlanetSMS) installed it and forgot about. When sometime later I got my first order I sent it back thinking that it was a mistake. It was only when I got a second sale did it occur to me that […]

XSitePro version 2 has finally been released into the eagerly-awaiting arms of a huge and growing loyal base of supporters. – XSitePro allows non-techies to build great websites and it just got better! – Want to know exactly why this application is taking the Internet Marketing world by storm? – Want to know why people […]

Or what I’ve Learned on eBay/Amazon this week. I managed to get hold of 10 Wii Fits at £70 each which I sold practically instantly on Amazon for about £115. Sounds good huh? Well it cost me about £15 each to post them, plus I had Amazon fees. My final profit was hardly worth it.  […]

Andy Shaw and Greg Ballard are about to launch the sale of a DVD version of their £5000 “Become A Property Investor Workshop”. They claim their “10 steps to becoming a wealthy property investor” are fool-proof, and that they workeven better during the current  credit crunch. I am really interested in Property Investment but I’ve […]

I’ve always promised myself that I would direct all my efforts into the first Internet Marketing venture that showed consistent success. Well it turns out to be selling second hand books on Amazon which has become an important part on my income; I hope to receive a record amount this fortnight. Of course it doesn’t […]


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