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Archive for April, 2008

It is so pleasurable to receive those emails “Congratulations you have just Made a Sale” , it would be even more pleasurable to receive lots of them of course. I have dozens of mini-businesses and hopeful links to Clickbank but what is and has been a nice steady earner for me is Andy Shaw’s Money […]

I keep coming back to Ebay. Usually eBay is a Buyers Market ie favors the Buyer so I look for cheap items on eBay to resell on Amazon etc. So how to spot bargains and why do they exist? Poorly listed: Poor description, no photos and in the wrong category How To: Train yourself to […]

I added another WordPress Blog Site to my Internet Marketing Empire  today. I hope to build this up and resell it later on. This site was kindly donated to me by my good friend and master Internet Marketer  Dee of  She did this so she can focus on her main projects while I […]

Well not exactly, but when I returned from my daily swim yesterday I found I’d earned about $10 from one of my Internet businesses. That’s not a lot but it always gives me special pleasure to earn money when I’m been out enjoying myself. It will be really nice when I ALWAYS come back from […]

What I mean is that I’ve done with Gurus, seminars, buying reports etc. I don’t mean to devalue the benefits of these, it’s just about time I starting doing it on my own, my own way. I don’t claim to know everything but do have the confidence to just get going as Mike Litman would […]

Most Internet Marketers rely on PayPal or Clickbank to handle the payment side of their sales. This works pretty well when you are just expecting to sell one product, but you will need a shopping cart if you want your customers to buy several products at a time. In the early days of the web […]

I decided that today was my break-out day, when I believed and committed myself to earning my living from Internet Marketing. So why and how? I have thoroughly proved my ability to identify books in Charity shops/Garage Sales which have a high value on Amazon I have learnt to spot items which are in demand […]


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