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What often holds us back is thinking “Everyone else will be doing that already“, well at least it’s been holding me back! A group of friends of mine created Xmas Niche sites and then followed them up with sites dedicated to Valentine’s Day. Well they got amazing amounts of traffic, it’s obvious really masses of […]

Wouldn’t you have wanted to know how to get the best results when you were young? World famous coach Bob Proctor, known from hit movie The Secret, now offers a program in setting and achieving goals especially designed for teenagers (10 – 19 years old). Higher marks in school, well-defined career choices, better results in […]

I wish I’d read this years ago, I’d be sitting on a beach right now! The book teaches the basics of Financial Education which is practically never taught in school. I’m only a third through the book but I’ve learnt the following It’s not what you earn but what you save/keep that counts That you […]

Earn a good old US Dollar for downloading a free report by clicking here Remember you get paid Multiple times for promoting this:- You earn $1 per subscriber you refer $0.50 on every 2nd tier subscriber Then in 3 weeks time when the “Affiliate X Factor” Coaching program launches you earn 50% recurring commissions […]

A handy list of places where you can download free eBooks or better upload your own (Paid inclusion only!) List from my friend James McConnell

It can appear that every service or product that could possibly exist is already being made, but have you ever tried to buy exactly the same garment, hi-fi unit, computer accessory, toy that you bought a year ago? Have you ever tried to buy an extra piece of furniture that matches the furniture you already […]

Having spent many thousands of hours developing my own shopping basket scripts in various scripting languages, I would advise others (and myself in future) to use a ready made Shopping Cart. In fact I would recommend Internet Marketers to outsource as much of the technical stuff as possible. You must put most of your effort […]

In order to earn money you must have set up sales pages on your web pages or blog which either directly sell your products or have affiliate links to other people’s products. If you don’t you cannot earn money. Too many would-be Internet Marketers jump from one half-finished project to the next and never actually […]

I’ve blogged for years never dreaming that it could generate income, then along came Adsense, though my blogs never earned as much from Adsense as did my websites. So I’m delighted that Smorty has appeared on the scene they will pay you to advertise on blogs , or pay you to blog for money. Smorty […]

When I was a teenager I used to answer those classified adverts in the back of newspapers for businesses that you could run from home. If you sent off a few dollars/pounds they would reveal the secret. The one I remember best was “Selling House Numbers“, you were supposed to go door to door selling […]


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