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Software development for websites has become increasingly specialised as customer requirements become more demanding. It is not just that by specializing companies have ready available modules and suites of code but that they also have a real knowledge and understanding of their customer’s requirements. Double Knot specialize in Educational Software for Learning Programs. This includes modules for online registration, the check-in and tracking of attendees. The software handles all aspects of seminar and conference registration. Students and downloads to their iPhone which will allow them to register for events. Students can sign up for individual sessions, receive reminder and follow-up emails. A separate module allow the assignment of instructors for courses. Instructors can monitor class attendance and control course completion requirements.

Payment modules including PayPal are also built in to the software with full breakdown of individual components including the cost of the main conference plus any extra sessions.

The admin modules are comprehensive there are three main ones. Registration management where registrations can be sorted, edited, deleted, view payment status, issues receipts and refunds. Program and Session reports can be downloaded or printed so course occupancy can be monitored. There is also waiting list management. The third administration module is used for Instructor management.

Doubleknot provides complete lifestyle of your Educational Program to the benefit and convenience of both students , instructors and administrators with comprehensive monitoring of the success of the Learning Conference or Seminar.

Doubleknot were founding in 1998 and are based in San Francisco they currently provide solutions for over 1200 organisations.

If you’re thinking about making passive income from the web, you are probably wondering about the best type of site to meet your needs. On the one hand, you want to create a good revenue stream, but on the other hand you don’t want to put a lot of effort into it. Some types of websites require a lot of ongoing work, whereas others only need occasional promotion once you have them up and running. To set up a successful passive income site, you need to know which is which.

Let’s be clear from the start. Most passive income websites aren’t going to make you a multimillionaire,
and you won’t be needing the services of CEO John Ferraro of Ernst & Young to handle your accounting.
However, you can generate a decent income, especially if you have a number of sites.

The first thing to do is think about the niche you are going to go after. This needs to be something that people are searching for, and where the competition is low. You can typically find this out using tools such as Google’s keyword tool. Let’s take a hypothetical example. You think it might be a good idea to resell books from Amazon. Now, if you do a search for a popular current author, such as Dan Brown, you may find tens of thousands of people search for him each month. However, there will also be hundreds of websites trying to rank for the search term. On the other hand, if you can find a niche where there are 4000 to 5000 searches each month, and competition is low, you will be able to rank highly for that term and draw in traffic.

Second, make sure that when people visit your site, you have something to sell. There’s no point in dominating a niche, only to find out that people won’t buy anything. For example, if you had a site devoted to air quality measurements in major cities around the world, you might get interest but it would be pretty difficult to figure out what your visitors are likely to buy. On the other hand, if you focus on a very specific area – let’s say the author Doris Lessing – then it’s a good bet that your visitors will buy her books.

Last, remember this is about passive income, so there’s no point in starting a site that you have to update all the time. If you are thinking of going into competition with a science news site such as Scientific American, then there is no way you are ever going to keep up with the amount of content that they produce. Instead, choose a site where you can build quality content that lasts. The content needs to engage your audience, but if you choose wisely, you will only have to update it occasionally. The Doris Lessing example is a good one – the author is now 93 years old, and therefore as long as you provide a solid biography and review of her books, you’ll be set for a long time. If you want to add dynamic content to bring visitors back, think about setting up a forum where they can interact and leave comments, rather than continually writing new content yourself.

38 payments from Amazon books (second hand books)
24 Payments from Squidoo
7 Payments from PTC
2 Payments from Clickbank
1 Payment from eBay Partners
13 Payments from Advertisers
7 Payments from buyers of my eBook
12 Payments from 77 ways to make $100
6 Payments from Adsense
2 Payments from Amazon Associates

Not bad but I need to multiply by 10 to consider it becoming a fulltime income

When you get an insurance quote, there are a lot of things going into that rate. For car insurance, your rate is determined by your driving history, what type of car you drive, among other things. The way that your life insurance rate is determined is no different.
Lots of factors go into determining your life insurance rate, and some of those are factors that you can control. While of course some factors are out of your control, others are completely in your control. You should always compare life insurance rates from before making your final decision, but also check out these ways you can find the best rates by making changes in your life.
Quit Smoking
If you are smoker, you will be paying very premiums for life insurance coverage. The  best life insurance rates are available for non-smokers, so quitting smoking will greatly improve the chance that you can get a good rate.
In fact, this doesn’t just go for smoking. Users of any tobacco products will likely pay more for premiums than non-tobacco users. Give up the cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and other tobacco products in order to find the best life insurance rates.
Lose Some Weight
As we become older, it becomes easier to tack on a few extra pounds. A couple extra pounds here and there is no problem, but once those few pounds turn multiply, then there is room for concern. Even if you’re just a little bit overweight, you might not qualify for great rates.
Before you start to search for a life insurance policy, hit the gym and lose some pounds. Making very simple changes with your health habits could result in big weight loss, which will get you dramatically better rates on your life insurance policy. Lose some weight, and save some money with your rates, and life a healthier life overall.
Drink Less
The best life insurance rates are given to healthy people, and if you drink a lot of alcohol you might not be eligible for those great rates. There’s nothing wrong with a glass of wine at dinner or a beer when you get home, as long as you keep it in moderation.
People who drink more than two alcoholic beverages per day may not be eligible for the best life insurance rates. Cut down on your alcohol intake (or cut it altogether) and you’ll likely be able to get better life insurance rates.
Notice a Trend?
Reading through these tips, do you notice any sort of trend? In order to get better life insurance rates, you need to life a healthier life. It’s that simple. Lower your blood pressure by taking walks every night, and try and eat more “rabbit food” in  your diet.
Being healthy is key to getting the best life insurance rates. Life insurance providers see healthy people as the most desirable customer, and will reward them with the best life insurance rates. Make some serious health changes in your life, and you’ll see that you feel better and get better life insurance rates.
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When the real estate bubble burst, Metro Orlando was regarded as the hardest hit area in the country.  To get completely clear, accurate Orlando mortgage info, it is advised that you do some online research and find a fully licensed and experienced Orlando mortgage broker who can skip over the housing market’s potholes without blinking or missing a beat. But for now, this article will arm you with a basic picture of facts to help prepare you for that must-have conversation.

What happened in Orlando?

For many, trying to obtain a mortgage in Orlando is about as fun as standing in line at the DMV. Trying to obtain one in Orlando is even harder. And trying to obtain one for a condo is harder yet. Because the Orlando market was hit so violently, many lenders in the have been notoriously combative in offering mortgages. To make matters more complicated, getting a mortgage on a condo is a process that has even more hoops to jump though and hurdles to clear. Back in 2006, nine out of ten condos purchased were financed through traditional mortgages. However, last year nine in ten condos was purchased with cash. In an article published by The Orlando Sentinel, the author gives an explanation for this flip-flop. Readers are informed that government-backed mortgages that helped fuel Orlando’s overheated apartment-to-condominium conversions have all but disappeared, despite the growing number of would-be owner-occupants who are looking at condos as being potential starter homes. The article continues to state that despite the troubled finances of many homeowner associations, condos have lost their mortgage backing in part because federal lending policies discriminate against multifamily properties, as reported by a number of real estate brokers and agents. HARP 1.0 (Home Affordable Refinance Program) was launched to help Orlando’s and other struggling housing markets, but it only aided roughly one fourth of the targeted number it had its sites set on. Under the Obama administration, government officials went back to the drawing board and launched HARP 2.0 which has met some success and continues to excel in helping homeowners get their mortgages (or to refinance on their current one).
Another factor that helped push the Orlando market along happened in 2010 when Fannie Mae launched a program with Florida specifically in mind. This program made exceptions to its rules so it could back mortgages in condo projects that would have previously been denied. Fannie Mae did this by granting certain condo complexes in Florida “special approval” delegations, despite the fact that many of these properties failed to meet one or more rules involving delinquent HOA fees.

Going Forward

With notable improvements and gains, housing experts predict good things for Orlando’s real estate market in 2013. The Wall Street Journal says that while credit remains tight, rising prices could usher in an egress for regulations to lock in some defensive underwriting tactics, while impeding capital rules may encourage banks to pare their lending footprint. The market has certainly improved over the past few years, but this is not to say that there still aren’t challenging hurdles to overcome. Continue to learn about your local market, and contact an experienced mortgage broker who can take your hand and lead you into being one of those statistics we are all looking to see on the rise—people who got their Orlando condo mortgage.


One element of a perfect Passive Income Stream is when you are earning money from something you’d do anyway for nothing because it’s your hobby. I’ve been uploading little videos to YouTube since 2006 of local events and historical sites, anything that took my fancy really however it wasn’t until one of these video started to get a lot of traffic that I got an email announcing that I was now a YouTube Partner and could enable Adsense on my videos should I wish. Well I did wish it, however for many months I was disappointed by my earnings just a few cents every other day. All the same and for once I pressed ahead kept filming videos kept posting them on YouTube, slowly got an idea of what drew traffic, slowly started to increase my earnings. Now a second vital element of a perfect Passive Income Stream is that it grows organically and that is true for my videos.


YouTube doesn’t seem to get the publicity of Twitter or Facebook and yet its traffic is ever increasing. A few years ago a video of a Skateboarder crashing into a fence could be number one on video with a few tens of thousands of views in a few weeks time Gangnam Style will be the first video will be the first to reach ONE BILLION views. So you can see YouTube is a growing market which like an incoming tide can float every boat, make sure one of those boats is yours!

Well I know of one by bitter experience it is anything “Computer Technical Advice” , why? well it’s because the big players like , Expert Exchange and a dozen others soak up all the traffic these sites are continuously populated by their users, furthermore I don’t get the impression that the advertising for this sector is very lucrative as too much of the traffic is looking for free advice. Although I’ve never tested it I am sure the Travel and Hotels sectors would also be way too competitive .


So this is always the zillion dollar question what niches are best well the Ever Green niches remain the best.


First the Rules!

1) Find An Audience

2) Find The Problems They Are Having

3) Find Products With Solutions To Those Problems

4) Introduce The Products To Your Audience

So what are the Evergreen Niches


1 Make Money Online

2 Dating (but too competitive?)

3 Dog Training (Boy is this evergreen)

4 Musculation

5 Marital : Save my Marriage (Imagine how desperate these people are to find a solution

6 Make your Own Energy (surprising one, but sells well on Clickbank)

7 Health


I’ve been focussing a lot on YouTube recently mainly because it’s fun and I like filming things however I am keen as usual to make money and create another Passive Income Stream. My first experience with YouTube were rather miserable very few seemed to click and I was only making cents, however I kept on uploading videos. My niche is local tourist spots , I’m often the only one to have put the spots on YouTube, of course these aren’t very commercial subjects and they only get modest hits. I have tried to counter this by videoing popular local businesses as these have much better keywords. However my best performing video is one of Bun Throwing for the Royal Jubilee and this earned decent money because for one I think it drew people that don’t normally go on the YoueTube and are thus more likely to click the Adverts; regular Youtubers tend to ignore them.

I now have 90 videos on YouTube but as is usual on the Internet just 3 or 4 of them get 90% of my traffic and 90% of my income. Of course what you are hoping for is that one day of your videos will go viral, that’s my dream. Remember the “Charlie Bit my Finger” video earns thousands of pounds for its owner!

So the answer is yes but once again you have to work on it, keep going and most of be innovative! Free Online SMS

On June 25, 2012 in ideas, SMS

Texting is probably the most used method of communication used today but businesses have been confused about how to exploit it to communicate with their customers. How do you text to a group of people how do you get people to consent to receive text in the first place? Does it require lots of typing in on telephone numbers?


SendHub has come up with a novel idea to simplify this process and automatically solve the consent problem , all you have to do is let your existing customers and potential customers know your Sendhub telephone number and your keyword. They join your network by simply texting your keyword to your number nothing could be simpler.


You can then text your contact group either from your cell phone or more conveniently from a web browser.


Send SMS Online for free with  Sendhub’s Online SMS will a great benefit for small businesses, restaurants, health-care workers try it out for free today

One of my blogs now earns more Adsense than all my other sites put together, so really that should get most of my effort. I have a 16th Payment from one advertisement publisher and a 22nd payment from another so I do earn money from my blogs.

The ever popular 77 ways to make a $100 a day still sells well without much effort from me. Also my Squidoo earnings grow nicely each month, but I’m giving up on some of my fringe activities such as PTC not because these don’t earn money but because they aren’t really passive earning streams in the sense that I exchange time for money. Time is my most precious and scarce resource I must only spend it on activities that have the possibility of earning me multiple times for for one piece of effort, i.e creating money pipelines.

One of my new pipelines is putting videos of local tourist sites on YouTube this has the advantage of combining two of my hobbies photography and making money. My most viewed video has 3000 views which is not great but who knows when one might go viral. I’ve been disappointed with earnings so far are not in a very commercial sector but if in fact it turns out to be a growing income for the rest of my life well it will be worth it.

That’s the tough part about many passive income streams they start off so slowly, it takes a lot of patience and faith to keep going!


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